jeudi 14 juin 2012

2050 Foreign Migrant' Workers

Since a couple of weeks, the new phenomenon on Weibo is the on going work of French photographer Benoit Cezard plainly entitled China 2050.
What will China look like in the future? Will the young foreigners or -LaoWai- become the new migrant workers by 2050? 

"As China rapidly develops, future China's migrant workers will be replaced by westerners, so they have to get used to it in advance". This was the explanation Benoit Cezard provided. 

What do you think?
Copyright @ Benoit Cezard

Copyright @ Benoit Cezard

Copyright @ Benoit Cezard

Copyright @ Benoit Cezard

Copyright @ Benoit Cezard

vendredi 8 juin 2012

Rankin in Xintiandi

British photographer superstar Rankin, co-founder of magazine title Dazed & Confused,  is now touring China with a gorgeous exhibition as part of the ongoing UK Now arts fest. 

The exhibition, shaped as the Union Jack, features some of the artist's finest photographs. Rankin shot numerous celebrities, from Keith Richard all the way to Queen Elizabeth II, as well as countless commercial projects. 

The exhibition also features two series

the first one is One Dress, that bring together an eclectic group of personalities, models and celebrities from different discipline and background whom are all wearing the same iconic Gucci dress. Participants include among others Claudia Schiffer, Devon Aoki, Karen Elson.

The second feature is Eyescapes, a celebration of the human iris (:-D)

The exhibition runs from June 2 to 17 in Xintiandi. Xintiandi Style mall, 245 Madang Lu, near Zizhong Lu
Hurry up, only a few days left!! 

lundi 4 juin 2012

Grace Chang loves Dubstep

The highlight of today was the (re)discovery of the song Wo Ai Ni (I love You) by Grace Chang remixed by local dubstep DJ Conrank. Grace Chang is a Chinese actress and singer born in Shanghai in 1933. She appeared in over 30 movies over her 11 year acting career. 

Free download here!!

And the original for those whom haven't listened to it yet. 

Play it! Love it! Share it!

From Shanghai with love...

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