mercredi 15 février 2012

Shanghai Trend is now in English has been a while I didn't post anything serious on ShanghaiTrend!
The reason isn't that nothing exciting happened to me over the past few months, it's just that I have been caught up into real life's stuffs such as a new exciting job, many photography projects, numerous social events, travels, a new apartment, etc. 

That reminds me that I haven't wished my readers a happy new Chinese/Western new year. That's right, buy one get one free, this year is the Dragon year which sounds über promising for 2012.

A new year never comes without resolutions: mine will be to start writing Shanghai Trend in English. 
Indeed being in an international environment on a daily basis, targeting only French speakers with my blog doesn't really make sens anymore. So I apology in advance if you see more spelling mistakes and typos than usual :)

Anyway, feel free to share comments, suggestions and questions. I'd be happy to answer.

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