mardi 8 mai 2012

Accidental Hipsters in China

For anyone whom has been living, travelling or just passing by China the greatest thing about the country would definitely be the people...and more specifically how some of them dress up. China is known for its phenomenal culture, its historical background, its habits and customs and its typical outfits that the current generations seem to have forgotten (or simply not really care about).

For anyone whom has been living, travelling or just passing by China, you must have bumped into what some people call the Accidental Hipsters. They are usually middle-aged or retired people wearing random and improbable outfits that could actually be considered as awesomely trendy/arty/hipstery/ in other societies.  

I discovered today that a someone designed a Tumblr on this topic where he (or she) gathers pictures of random people wearing crazy outfits wandering the streets. 

My selection below. 

An friend of mine also depicts the local fashion trends on his blog in a more anthropological manner. Indeed Timothy Parent created a couple years ago and has been studying the different manifestation of style and fashion in China. More info...just clic on the link :)

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